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Seriously Responsible Tote & Gym Bags

Choose from the woven tote bag or the woven gym bag both carrying the Salvage logo showing they are made from 60% Recycled pre-consumer cotton organically grown & 40% Recycled post-consumer polyester, creating a high quality product.
They are made from 100% recycled materials and are salvaged from the cuttings from organic cotton textile production, which are then shredded and turned back into soft cotton fibres. Fibres made from locally recycled plastic bottles are added, to obtain the cotton and polyester blend. The blended fibres are then spun into fine yarn to make fabrics.
They are then customised to your requirements and printed with vegan friendly inks by a company that cares about the rights of their team members and value them as individuals and they pursue environmentally conscious processes as they evolve and embrace them to reduce their impact on people and the planet. They care about climate change and look at options that reduce their carbon footprint.

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