Buy Eco Friendly Journal Notebooks by Seriously Responsible

Seriously Responsible Journal Notebooks and Conference Pads

Our Journal Notebooks and Conference Pads Each are produced using 100% recyclable stock, so they will underline your company’s commitment to the environment and can be printed with our unique Eco logo to show your commitment to environmental responsibility.

Our Conference Pads are printed using vegetable-based inks, so reducing the need to use fossil fuels which are damaging to the environment, contributing to climate change. They are glued using a water based, eco glue. Our Journal Notebooks are printed entirely digitally, so one of the greenest ways that minimises waste and is water free.

Our Journal Notebooks and Conference Pads are one of the very best promotional tools to offer your customers and colleagues – because they’ll be continually presented with your branding and are a great choice for giveaways, conferences and marketing projects.

The Conference Pad templates will follow as these are amends of other templates, so just changing them all and getting them in the different file types.